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    • What is Spirit Gum ?

      Part of every FX artist’s tool kit is spirit gum – almost every FX artist utilizes spirit gum, applying it to several special FX designs. An FX artist needs to be experienced in its usage to know what type is applied to the corresponding application. In this article, we’ll be discussing the types of spirit gum, and what it is. We’ll also list how you can remove it.

      What is Spirit Gum ?

      First Things First, What is Spirit Gum?

      For a beginner, the term “spirit gum” can raise a lot of questions; it’s not that complicated when you learn how to use it, but if someone just started, they’re more likely not to know about this gum. But that’s what this article is for! In simple words, an adhesive made from a mixture of solvent and resin is called spirit gum.

      The “spirit” part comes from the solvent, and the “gum” part comes from the resin; functioning as the glue. Many (almost every) FX artist use this tool, making it a major part of the special FX industry because of its effectiveness. Depending on the person, it may cause some irritation, but it’s perfectly safe to apply in most cases.

      It’s been used in the FX industry since the 1870s, with little to no change in the formula. This gum now only differs in terms of refinement; so the only thing that changed in more than 150 years is the spirit gum’s refinement.


      What is it used for?

      This gum can be applied to almost everything in the special FX industry. It’s used for applications of facial prosthetics from noses and ears to hairpieces such as eyebrows, mustaches, beards, and even wigs. Different types of functions different, so an FX artist needs to be aware of what type works best for what.


      In general, the gum works best for lightweight applications like facial hair; there are options available for heavier applications.

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