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    • How to choose eyeshadow primer colors?

      One of the first questions you have to ask yourself is what color eyeshadow primer you want. If you’re looking for a good, all-purpose primer that you can use with any eyeshadow, look for one that’s sheer or that blends in with your skin tone. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect when you apply your eyeshadow because the primer won’t alter the color.


      Colored eyeshadow primers can help add dimension to your eyes, make eyeshadow colors pop, or counteract redness. Some of the most common eyeshadow primer colors are white, black, and yellow.


      White: White eyeshadow primer is the way to go if you like to use brightly colored eyeshadow and you want to make it stand out. White primer makes eyeshadow colors look much more intense than they do against your normal skin color.


      Black: If you want to make your smoky eye a little more alluring, you need a black eyeshadow primer. In reality, it will probably be closer to gray when it dries on your skin, but it will give you a good foundation on which to create your smoky look. Black primer also works well with metallic eyeshadows.


      Yellow: Yellow might seem an odd choice for an eyeshadow primer, but it’s actually a smart one if you’re trying to counteract redness. Yellow neutralizes the red tones in your skin so that your eyeshadow colors appear truer. If you have lighter skin, go for a brighter yellow primer. If your skin is darker, you’re better off going with a yellowish-brown shade.How to choose eyeshadow primer colors?


      Eyeshadow primers come in a matte or shimmery finish. Think about how you like to do your eye makeup most often and which type of primer will work best. You might also want to consider getting one of each, so you can have a choice on any given day.


      Matte: Many eyeshadow primers have a matte finish, so you won’t notice them very much once you’ve applied your eyeshadow. Matte eyeshadow primers are the most versatile type because you can use them with matte or shimmery eyeshadows.


      Shimmery: Shimmery primers are newer to the market. You can use these with either matte or shimmery eyeshadows as well, but they’re not ideal in all cases. For example, if you have naturally oily skin, you probably want a product that works to decrease shine rather than enhance it.

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