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    • What is SFX Makeup?

      Special Effects Makeup makes use of certain products, called SFX or Prosthetic productslike waxlatexartexbald capetcThe look of a certain creature or character that requires creation of texture and dimension is what could be achieved by the use of SFX products and could be termed as Special Effects Makeup.

      SFX Products and Application:

      Special Effects Makeup makes use of certain products, called SFX or Prosthetic products, like wax, latex, artex, bald cap, etc. The look of a certain creature or character that requires creation of texture and dimension is what could be achieved by the use of SFX products and could be termed as Special Effects Makeup.

      SFX products are very much unlike beauty products and their application requires specific skills, and understanding of the products and ingredients. SFX products are generally made up of wax, latex and silicon of different grades and qualityWhat is SFX Makeup?

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