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    • how to choose the correct pure eye shadow

      1. Brown: easy to harmonize skin tone, generous and natural, not very exciting, but not easy to make mistakes, neutral eye shadow.   2. Pale red: soft, no eyebrows, emphasizing clear and lovely eyes, bright eye shadow, not suitable for women with slightly swollen eyes.   3. Purple: with a sense of mystery, it can increase the glamorous, noble, and arrogant sense of the eyes. It is suitable for women with white skin. Use yellow and black with caution. It is a contrasting dark-toned eye shadow.   4. Blue: Can be used as a decorative color, only for embellishment, not for large-scale use. It is a contrasting color jumping eye shadow.   5. Yellow: It can be used as a decorative color and is easier to apply. It is a soft and bright eye shadow.   6. ​​Green: It expresses youthfulness, vigor and freshness. It is suitable for small area application, jumping color neutral eye shadow.   7. Gray: To a certain extent, it can emphasize changing the structure of the eye shape.   8. Yellow-green and gray: A faint yellow-green eye shadow on the inside of the eye and the end of the eye makes people feel uneasy and pregnant, and a little gray eye shadow at the end of the eye, with a hazy faint in the middle, fresh and youthful.   9. Gold and brown: Brush the inside of the eyes and the ends of the eyes with brown, and the center of the eyelids is brushed with a large piece of gold, extending towards the ends of the eyes to give it a three-dimensional effect.   10. Earth color: Noble, stylish and not exaggerated, it matches well with clothes, and there is nothing wrong with trying the eyeshadow of the earth color on any occasion. how to choose the correct pure eye shadow

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