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    • Why You Can’t Use Normal Primer as Eyeshadow Primer

      Ever look at your eye makeup at the end of the night and think, "what happened?" What was once perfectly-blended eyeshadow has faded into an abyss of non-distinctive color, not to mention the barrage of creases that have caused your precise cat eye (which you undoubtedly worked so hard on), to smudge. The answer to all of your smudged-up eye makeup woes lies in one product: primer—eye primer, that is. Just like a face primer creates the ideal base for the rest of your face makeup to stick on to, an eyeshadow primer targets the eye area and makes whatever you put on top more vibrant.

      Whether you're sporting a bold look or going more au naturel, using a primer specifically formulated for the eye is key and will work to keep your eyeshadow and liner on point all day.

      We did some research about eyeshadow primer benefits.

      Prevents eyeshadow from smudging and creasing: If you have naturally oily eyelids, your eyeshadow may be prone to smudging throughout the day. Primer, however, acts as a barrier between the natural oils on your eyes and your eye makeup.

      Makes eyeshadow application even: Those with dry eyelids tend to struggle with even application of their eye makeup as well as the accentuation of fine lines.Adding eyeshadow powder (a naturally dry product) on top of already-dry skin can look aging, especially if you are working with anything even slightly shimmery.Why You Can’t Use Normal Primer as Eyeshadow Primer

      Grips eyeshadow: Applying eyeshadow to dry skin can be a frustrating feat because the powder has nothing to stick on to that because there may not be enough moisture for the eyeshadow to properly adhere to, an eyeshadow primer will act as a grip so that your shadow stays in place. It also gives you an even base for the shadow to apply evenly on.

      Accentuates true eyeshadow color: Unlike using concealer as an eyeshadow primer can interfere with the tones of your eye makeup and make the pigment appear dull—a tinted eyeshadow primer will even out the tone of your eyelids while staying true to the eyeshadow color.

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