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    • The Best Water-Activated Eyeliners

      The Best Water-Activated Eyeliners

      Ever wondered how those girls on instagram do their bold, graphic eye looks? We have three words for you: water-activated eyeliners.Some people may ask What is Water activated eyeliners? Similar to face paints and watercolor, water-activated eyeliners (also called "cake liners") have the same idea. With these types of eyeliners, you can treat them like paint and your eyes like a canvas.

      How to activated them?

      As they are water based,you can easily activated them with water,remember not too much.then swirl the brush into the pigment and watch the colour pay off! 

      How to clean?

      You can easily clean it off just with water.

      What is the best water activated Eyeliner?

      Bowitzki water activated eyeliner are the best.Easy to use and clean , good coverage,smudge proof, and you can blend to create your own color.

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