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    • Face Painting at Easter

      Need some help with face painting with an Easter theme? We have written some tips to make your Easter face painting

      Colors and Designs

      Generally try to stick to soft pastel colors. Like Pinks, purples, blues and yellows are all perfect. When we think Easter, we think soft pretty colors, so try to stay away from your neons and metallics. Easter designs tend to be outside scenes. Picture meadows, rolling hills, gentle trees. Use lots of soft colours like pinks, purples, teals and soft yellow. easter bunny

      Popular designs can include 

      – The Easter Bunny

      – Easter scene, like easter eggs in a field

      – Sunrises

      – A giant easter Egg

      – Hot Cross Bun

      Can you adapt your regular designs to have an easter theme? Try painting a butterfly with a soft pastel rainbow like Bowitzki Pastel Rainbow face paint, and add little tiny easter eggs on the wings. Draw a regular bunny face, and add a cute bow tie and hearts in the ears instead of a regular ear shape. Paint a stunning sunrise, but with soft pastel colors.

      Face Painting at Easter

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