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    • face paint notices

      Before you start your artistic creation, please prepare the following items in advance

      Paints, sponges, brushes, water, stencils, mirror and wipes.


      Make sure your face is clean and dry.


      Do not paint on the damaged or broken skin.


      Applying a base color or painting large areas, use the sponge not brushes.


      Dampen sponges before use by pressing them into your water bowl, then squeezing the water out. then dab it lightly onto the paint and apply to the skin. if the sponge it too wet, it may leave streaks.


      With designs that use a variety of colors, apply the lighter colors first.


      Mix different paints to create your own colors.


      Face paints can also be used on other parts of your body, such as arms and hands.

      face paint notices

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