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SFX Makeup Wound Bruise 12 color Alcohol Activated Face Paint Palette

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    Depvision alcohol activated makeup kit include 12x10ml colors,4 makeup sponges,1 color palette,2 different brushes,which can help you create well.
    This makeup must be activated with 99Percent alcohol, or skin illustrator activator.
    To remove with 99Percent alcohol.Put the 99Percent alcohol on tissue or a piece of cloth and wipe the makeup.Repeat wipe until product is removed.
    Depvision alcohol activated makeup is Cruelty free and vegetarian.And 100Percent FDA Compliant,non-toxic,hypo-allergenic, material,organic ingredients.
    Colors are highly pigmented,dries quickly,waterproof and transfer-proof.Ideal for Halloween, Carnival or Cosplay,visual effect.
    Unit count type: Ounce


    Pareben Free


    Non Toxic

    Easy to clean


    Is there an expiration date for the product?

    We recommend that you use your face paints within 12 months of opening.

    What is the way to use the product? Should water be added? If so, then how much?

    Being that the paints are water based, you'll be using water on your brushes and sponges to apply it.

    How long does it take for the paint to dry on the face so that it can be touched without the paint being smeared?

    When on skin the paint dries within a minute (depending on thickness of the layer).

    How many hours does the color hold on your face (if you do not wash them)?

    If you do not rub it, it will stay for 12 hrs until you wash it off under normal circumstances.
    However, we do not have any specific experience for long time use.

    Is it possible to mix the colors so that we receive additional shades?

    Yes, you can get new shades if mix colors.

    The product is also lead free, right?

    Yes, it is lead-free, nontoxic, and paraben free.

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