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4 Colors Retro Eyeliner Palette

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Colors – Eyeliner4 Ice Crystal

    Bowitzki Water Activated Eyeliner Palette makeup is *NOT A GEL LINER + NOT WATERPROOF


    Perfect to use with a brush to create easy colorful designs.You can use each color separately, OR use them together to create awsome eye makeup.

    NON TOXIC,SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN:Bowtizki rainbow face paint is hypoallergenic and Paraben- free,made with non-toxic,skin safe ingredients.As most makeup we highly recommend you to test it on a small area first.

    NO CRACKY, NO SMUDGE: Bowitzki Split cake eyeliner/Face Paint dries to a smooth matte finish and does not smudge or transfer.No crack and won't fade until it's removed. It's great for line work and pastel colors show very well even when over darker colors.

    EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Just dip brush into water (not too much) and then swirl the brush into the pigment and watch the colour pay off! As It is water based, so you can easily clean up with water. (Here is a little tip: Before paint you could smear some body lotion on your skin,that would make the paints very easy to remove.)

    PERFECT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Highly pigment with opaque formulation, It is very easy to blend, soft on the skin. It can be widely used as eyeliner, Graphic liner, professional body and face painting


    Talc 43%,Color Lakes 23%, Acacia Senegal Gum 10.5%, Glycerin 10%, Polysorbate-20 6.5%, Water 5%, Propanediol 2%

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    4 Colors Retro Eyeliner Palette
    4 Colors Retro Eyeliner Palette
    4 Colors Retro Eyeliner Palette
    4 Colors Retro Eyeliner Palette
    4 Colors Retro Eyeliner Palette



    RETRO EYELINER is also called water-activated eyeliner or “cake” liner, “It is eyeshadow or eyeliner pigment in a flat, compact form that activates with water.” explains Scibelli. Think of these liners as watercolors for your face: easy to use, very forgiving of any mistakes.

    Eyeliner can be an incredibly potent way to make a statement and stand out in a crowd. Whether it's a dramatic cat eye or a bright double wing, mastering these styles may be particularly challenging for those without steady hands. Fortunately, water-activated eyeliner is now all the rage, providing a way for everyone to produce inspiring designs, ranging from simple lines to complex looks.

    Best Brushes to use it

    It is very important to choose the right brush, which will make eyeliner easier.

    Some brushes are suitable for drawing lines close to the base of eyelashes, some are suitable for drawing long lines, and some are suitable for drawing dots...

    Click the linkand choose the brush!

    Are retro eyeliner long-lasting?

    Retro eyeliners (water-activated eyeliners) are not waterproof, thus shedding a tear or getting caught in the rain may cause the product to move around.

    It is still smudge-proof and long-lasting.

    However they are not as long lasting compared to using an oil-based eyeliner, such as a gel.

    How do you use retro eyeliner?

    Dilute your brush in a blend of liquid, like water or a mixing medium, and then dab the pigment in its pan or delicately scrape some of the product onto a palette with a spatula and combine. Mixing beyond the pan will aid in preserving your product and will stop it from cracking or drying.

    According to the makeup artist, "the proportion of the mix will depend on the desired impact — utilizing more liquid will generate a softer result and using less will provide a more saturated and opaque finish." Then reaching for bowitzki retro liner brush to paint it.


    Talc 43%,Color Lakes 23%, Acacia Senegal Gum 10.5%, Glycerin 10%, Polysorbate-20 6.5%, Water 5%, Propanediol 2%

    Is it possible to mix the colors so that we receive additional shades?

    Yes, you can get new shades if mix colors.

    • Non Toxic

    • Gluten Free

    • Cruelty Free

    • Easy to clean

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